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LEADER Sentry - Stability controller




Detects structural movements to alert SAR and firefighting teams during responses


schema leader sentry en sitaution

LEADER Sentry provides additional security of intervention areas on which are engaged rescuers, rescue teams, fire fighters, doctors or workers. Its laser ray detects the slightest movement of a structure or mass that may endanger persons: unstable building, vehicle accident, landslide, or rockfall.

Two LEADER Sentry laser sensors can be linked simultaneously to monitor two different structures or two axis of movement of the same structure. If the structure under surveillance moves, a powerful siren and a flashing light are activated to warn of an impending collapse allowing rescuers to take evacuation actions.


  • Detects a 5-mm movement at a distance of 30 m.
  • A telescopic sight allows operator to point the laser accurately at targeted unstable structure.
  • Multiple maximum movement thresholds (from 5 to 100 mm) can be selected. When a movement is sensed that exceeds the selected threshold, the sound alarm is triggered (98 dB).
  • Continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes on its screen for real-time awareness.
  • 2 lasers can be connected to the device to simultaneously monitor 2 sides of an unstable building for the safety of rescue teams working around or inside the structure.
  • Various modes available for distinguishing between alarms, faults, etc.
  • Filters out brief interruptions of beam (birds flying through beam, people briefly crossing beam etc.)
  • Backup power run time: 15.5 hrs with 8 x AA lithium batteries (not supplied) / 7 hrs with 8 x AA alkaline supplied batteries



LEADER-Sentry B1 (Case containing the Display + 1 Laser equipped with 4m of cable + 1 Tripod):

  • 650 x 510 x 242 mm or 25.6 x 20.1 x 9.5 "
  • 15 kg or 33 Lbs approx.


LEADER Sentry B2 (Case containing the display + 1 Laser equipped with 4m of cable + 1 Laser equipped with 20m of cable + 2 Tripods):

  • 670 x 510 x 372 mm or 26.4 x 20.1 x 14.6 ‘’
  • 26.5 kg or 58 Lbs approx. 




  • 1 laser with tripod for LEADER Sentry B1
  • Sucker attachment Alternative to tripod for mounting laser on smooth surfaces (glass, vehicles etc.)
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