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Training Extinguishers

If a fire isn’t brought under control from the very beginning, it can spread and get out of control. That’s why it is very important to have the correct training and equipment to act quickly and avoid it spreading.  

The extinguisher is one of the most common tools for acting at the start of a fire, and its use requires theoretical and practical training to act safely (see also our extra-large fire blanket to bring a vehicle fire under control).

LEADER training extinguisher: For more efficient training!

The aim is to acquire the correct methods to use a conventional extinguisher by using a training extinguisher. This essential training device allows trainees to avoid incorrect use and handling.

Used with the flame generator to simulate a real fire, the training extinguisher allows practical training sessions by providing real life scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.

From a financial point of view, in comparison to the use of conventional extinguishers requiring expensive recharging and maintenance, the training extinguisher allows the trainers to reduce the costs connected to training.  

Two types of training extinguishers are available: permanent pressure extinguishers and auxiliary pressure extinguishers. 
For easy and economical recharging, the LEADER training extinguisher uses water to simulate the extinguishing agent.

The training extinguisher’s visual appearance and handling are identical to a standard extinguisher. Easy to use, fill and recharge in less than 5 minutes by a trainer, it offers a high quality training appliance which can be used over and over again by multiple trainees without time delays. 

The pressurisation of LEADER training extinguishers is possible either by using a 15 bar compressor (not included) (with a connector to be fixed on the spraying hose level), or a foot/hand pump with a «Schrader» type valve (not included) (the same as the extinguisher).



LEADER guarantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

  • Training fire extinguishers : 1 year

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