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Stability Controllers

The search & rescue equipment includes 5 complementary devices intended for search and rescue operations designed and built to locate buried victims,


  • LEADER Sentry was designed to warn rescuer workers in the event of the surrounding structures being unstable and threatening to collapse. It provides indispensable additional safety for rescue teams, helping them concentrate on their rescue work in the rubble.
  • See also the LEADER Cam to locate, see and communicate with victims.
  • See also the LEADER Search to locate victims by seismic listening detection.
  • See also the LEADER Hasty to detect, locate, see and communicate with victims.
  • See also the LEADER Scan to detect and locate victims by detecting movements.

The use of this search and rescue equipment has been greatly simplified, offering modern, efficient and reliable support during search and rescue operations.




LEADER gurantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

LEADER Sentry : 2 years


For the last few years, LEADER has been developing search and rescue equipment for the urban environment to ensure the rescue of victims buried in earthquakes, explosions or landslides.
The stability controller enables search and rescue teams to concentrate on their digging work without constantly needing to monitor a façade which could fall down on top of them.
All our colleagues at LEADER are especially motivated and involved and are committed to proposing equipment that offers constantly improved performance to locate as quickly as possible the greatest number of victims in the shortest possible time.

Contact us for a presentation of our equipment, developed in conjunction with international search and rescue experts.

Steve IBBOTSON - Search & Rescue Product Manager - LEADER

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