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Current Detector

LEADER Volt consists of a high sensitivity AC amplifier

  • Audible and visual warning
    • LEADER Volt will give the early warning without the need of contact with a power sourse
  • Typical uses:
    • Urban Search & Rescue:†Detection of unknown sources of unshielded and potentially hazardous AC voltages.
    • Fire: During, and after fires, during overhaul and investigations.
    • Vehicular Extrication:†Quick check of site and vehicle for potential exposure to AC voltage. Verification and monitoring of power disconnect.
    • Confined Space Rescue:†To verify power shut-off and proper lockout at the entry site of machinery and equipment posing hazardís through accidental activation.
    • Disaster Operations:†After earthquakes, wind and ice storms or floods, to identify energized wires on roads or in structures whithin collapsed buildings and flooded sites. Quick check of extent of power outage.
    • Trench Rescue:†Locate potential sources of electrical shock during rescue operations.

LEADER gurantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

LEADER Volt : 1 year

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