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Foam Equipment

The Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems specializes in the sale of fixed water and/or foam fire fighting equipment.

Our team is made up of experts to give you the technical advice you need, addressing all the regulation requirements of your country.


The foam extinguishing mechanism is entirely physical. The foam acts like a blanket preventing the fire from getting to the oxygen.
When added to water, the emulsifier puts out flammable liquid fires, prevents re-ignition and reduces the flow and consumption of water.
The HF + high expansion proportioner is an advantageous replacement for the use of sprinklers in medium sized and very large warehouses.

We manufacture and sell low, medium and high expansion generators.

Our products are offering corrosion resistance to meet your demands.

Often coming with multi-accreditations (UL / FM / APSAD / VdS / LPCB / ATEX), our products are those best suited to your needs.


The team is at the core of considerable synergy!
It draws on the other entities of the Genetech team to offer skills which complete the services it provides:

       • Bio Ex offers its skills as emulsifier manufacturer,
       • Promat Sécurité offers expert design office services for fixed installations in France and abroad.

A new example of a company ready to offer even more services to our customers!


The Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems is a spinoff of the skills and expertise acquired by LEADER and its sister companies, PROMAT SECURITE, specializing in the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems, and BIO EX which manufactures emulsifiers.Together we work on fire protection and extinguishing systems, using Water and Foam, on special-risk, industrial sites.

We offer exclusive equipment designed by LEADER and complementary equipment carefully selected and conforming to the most demanding standards, to find the most dependable technical solution best suited to the type of risk involved.

Please feel free to consult us for a study of your projects.


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