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Foam equipment

Recognized leader in the development of rugged innovative fire fighting equipment, LEADER also specialises in the design of foam equipement for firefighting responses and fire prevention and safety in buildings.

The production of fire-fighting foam, a mass of air-filled bubbles separated by a thin aqueous solution wall, is obtained by foam generators (specific jets/monitors/nozzles) and foam proportioning devices. The goal is to bring the 3 components water / air / foam concentrate together in accurately defined proportions.

LEADER provides all equipment needed to produce foam:

For some applications, LEADER also make fans fitted or equipped with foam adapter and spray nozzles, transforming them into a high-expansion foam generator.



LEADER makes available some products into FiberTech® material composite. This material has superior corrosion resistance than aluminium and bronze. It is obviously of interest when dealing with equipment using foam concentrates. These products are :

Always at the cutting edge, LEADER is introducing composite material into the design of its firefighting equipment with properties equal or better than those of ordinary materials.

The composite is a material consisting of:

  • a reinforcement - in this case glass fibres - which provides most of the material’s mechanical properties,
  • and a matrix which acts as a binder.

The composite replaces perfectly metal alloys and is already used in many fields: automotive industry, aerospace, weapons ...



FiberTech® composite strengths are many compared with brass and aluminium:

  • Far lighter than brass and lighter than aluminium alloy,
  • Equal in terms of mechanical strength and durability to aluminium alloy,
  • Stronger resistance to corrosion compared to aluminium alloy and brass,
    • in saline environments
    • in use with foam concentrates
  • Equal to aluminium alloy for resistance to chemicals,
  • Thermal resistance: No deformation of the mass at high temperatures (unlike aluminium),
  • Thermal insulation: The material naturally insulates the user from the cold,
  • Electrical insulation: Better protection for the nozzle operator.

High expansion generator: Comply with R12 norm

  • Uprim: 1 year
  • Polymousses: 5 years
  • High expansion generator: 1 year
  • Low and Medium expansion nozzles: 1 year


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