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Atex equipment

LEADER offers ventilators ATEX.


The ATEX regulation derives from two European directives (94/9/CE or ATEX 137 for equipment designed to be used in ATEX zones and 1999/92/CE or ATEX 100A for operator safety).


It applies in France due to compliance with Labour Code Directives.


The ATEX regulation requires that all the company managers control risks relative to the explosion of explosive atmospheres in the same way as all the other professional risks.


Nature of explosive atmospheres:

  • Inflammable liquid vapours (ethanol, acetone, toluene, kerosene, gasoline, etc.)
  • Inflammable gases (city gas, propane, butane, hydrogen sulfide, etc.)
  • Explosive gas clouds (corn, flour, organic dusts, etc.)
  • Inflammable liquid mists (aerosols, etc).


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