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Ventilation and G-Force branch demonstration in Finland

Always close to its customers on all markets, LEADER and our Finish distributor KULMALA have met several fire brigades to introduce the G-FORCE branch.

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150200caisson feu pompier finlandais demonstration g force

It is thus from north to south of this huge country with 22 fire brigades, that several demonstrations have been held, including some  with fire training boxes, in particular in Oulu and Joroinen cities.

During these trainings, were also presented our new interactive courses and more particularly the one dealing with PPV ventilation.

Being used to ventilation only in defensive mode, the fire brigades showed a deep interest in the operational mode presented in the course: a combination of offensive and defensive ventilation modes.

To fulfil the expectations of the fire brigades, a new tour is being considered at the beginning of year 2013, where ventilation will be the priority objective.