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Successful tests for EASY 2000 in Besanšon (France)!

Last October, LEADER realized tests of large flow ventilation in an underground carpark in Besançon (France).

These tests in full scale, carried out in underground carpark with 5 levels, have demonstrated the effectiveness of our large flow fan : 

  • PARK FAN 80 – electric fan especially designed for parking fires,
  • EASY 2000 – mobile large flow fan with a flowrate up to 150 000 m³/h.

To realize this smoke extraction, the EASY 2000 was positioned in extraction at the exit of the parking and both electric fans PARK FAN 80 were used as relay fans at the lower levels to facilitate the evacuation of smokes.

All of these firefighters (from 2 different fire departments) were impressed by the ease / speed of implementation of the EASY 2000 which is both compact and powerful. A real upgrade compared to the older equipment they currently use!


Easy 2000 Besancon - ventilateur grand debit.jpg  Essai Easy 2000 Besancon - ventilateur grand volume.jpg  Essai Easy 2000 Besancon.jpg