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Successful test for EASY 3000 in Cork

During the night of 29th April, LEADER conducted large flow ventilation trials in Ireland at the request of Cork fire department.

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It is under the control of the Chief Fire Officer of Cork, the project manager of the city and the team of the Irish Rail that the tunnel near the station of Cork was completely filled with smoke. 

This tunnel with a length of 1.2km is endowed with 2 traffic lanes.


To realize this smoke release, they chose the most powerful LEADER ventilators which was Easy 3000 Large Fow Ventilator. It has the capability to deliver an airflow of 350,000 m3/hour.

easy 3000 cork tunnel trials essais 250x160

In spite of an opposite natural wind of 1.5m/s, it has been declared by the operations manager  that the visibility allowed a free traffic after 12 minutes. The tunnel was completely free of smoke after 20 minutes.

These real life trials came to confirm all the efficiency of the Easy 3000 ventilator which had 1 month previously undergone one long trial lasting of 5 hours before the delivery of 2 units to Japan.