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Rio de Janeiro opts for LEADER firefighting fans!

LEADER won the tender launched by the fire brigade of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for the supply of 40 ventilation kits!

sr460etesv230 rvb300dpi 12x15cmEach kit includes 3 fans and their accessories:

     - 1 petrol driven LEADER fan MT236. It blows up to 43,100 m³/h in open air.
     - 1 electric LEADER fan ESV230 with speed variator. It blows up to     33,900 m³/h in open air.
     - 1 electric auxiliary LEADER fan SR460 blowing up to 13,000 m³/h.


In the same way that the Fire Brigade of Paris that recently acquired similar kits, the fire brigade of Rio will use these firefighting fans for operations of combined ventilation (offensive ventilation + defensive ventilation) => See the video.


The combined ventilation is a technique that consists in positioning a master fan with a high power (MT236 and/or ESV230) at ground floor in order to pressurize the stairwell and attack fire by relaying its airflow with a Relay fan (SR460) at floor of fire.


This concept allows fast and controlled evacuation of smoke and gases and helps to fight more effectively against the spread of fire in apartment.


This kit designed specifically for this technique, also developed by LEADER with the support of professional firefighters, convinced the firefighters of Rio de Janeiro for its effectiveness.


These new orders by firefighters from major cities around the world confirm the growing interest in the concept of combined ventilation.