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PYROS 3, eco-friendly extinguisher fire trainer with water tank!

The ideal equipment for realistic and safe training!

generateur de flammes - formation incendie - fire trainer - fire trainingLEADER, expert in fire training materials, launches PYROS 3. This is a new version completely redesigned of the flame generator PYROS 2.

A more powerful fire trainer!

More powerful than its predecessor, this new generator is equipped with a water tank more larger than the previous increasing of 10% its fire surface and creating an even more impressive oil slick fire effect!

Ideal for training in the handling of various fire extinguishing equipment (all fire extinguishers, nozzles, portable foam units, etc…), PYROS 3 generates powerful and realistic flames with high level of heat radiation at a controlled height of 0.20 (0.66’) to 3m (9.84’).

fire training - formation incendie - formacion de fuego - pupitre pyros 3A larger gas supply control panel!

Completely redesigned, the PYROS 3 control panel is more ergonomic, larger and lighter.
Equipped with 2 gas supply valves, flow adjuster connected to a pressure gauge and also provided with an emergency stop button, the PYROS 3 control panel allows the trainer to have full control of the fire (ignition, flame height and extinction). Finally, the base of the control panel is designed to receive a gas cylinder thereby giving it a greater stability.


More convenient  water tank!

Fire training modules- PYROS 3.JPGThe water tank requires less water (13 liters less than the PYROS2). It is also equipped with handles and wheels to facilitate its handling especially for emptying.

Safe and environmentally-friendly fire training!

In addition to its wired remote control, the PYROS 3 is equipped with a wireless remote control to accompany the trainee throughout operations while staying in full control of the fire. The PYROS 3 offers true safety of use as an amergency STOP button on the control panel provides additional security to the two remote control.

It has been designed for use in the greatest respect of the environment and the health of users because it doesn’t use hydrocarbons and doesn’t create smoke or pollutant emissions.

New training modules compatible with all LEADER fire extinguisher trainer!

For customized training sessions and to train the staff to become familiar to every fire extinguishing situation, LEADER offers modules for all its Ecological fire trainer capable of simulating specific situations (computer monitors, dustbin, fryer fire module, aerosol can explosion module, electric motor, …) and compatible with all of its fames generators (GF42, AEROS 2 and PYROS 3).

LEADER proposes also:
- Training extinguishers: Rechargeable in less than 5 minutes, it uses water to simulate the extinguishing agent. Compared to the conventional extinguishers, the unit is paid off in less than 7 fillings!
- Software of extinguisher interactive courses to learn the basic concepts related to the use of a fire extinguisher.

More information about the flames generator PYROS 3