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Online interactive courses for Fire / Ventilation

Control the air to control the fire!

Cours de ventilation opérationnelle 1Smoke is the real danger of fires in enclosed areas.

When fires burn, the thick dense smoke often contains toxic and flammable gases that cause the rapid spread of fire. These increase thermal phenomena such as "flashover," "smoke explosion" and "backdraft". These are potentially very dangerous for firefighters.  The smoke generated by a fire is at the center of the mechanism of thermal phenomena.  It is, therefore, essential to understand how it is formed and know its nature in order to learn how to control it.

For firefighters wishing to acquire skills in the implementation of ventilation techniques, LEADER has developed interactive courses for free download on its website www.leader-group.eu

Created in partnership with EducExpert, an organization globally recognized in the field of training firefighters, these courses have been specially designed for fire trainers to assist them in their mission. Accessible online by all, the aim of LEADER is to widen the skills and understanding of the use of ventilation techniques.

Cours de ventilation opérationelle 2To date, many fire trainers and firefighters have already testified their appreciation of this support.

Its first advantage: it is interactive! Using superb animations and interactive features, participants are more involved and, therefore, learn quickerThe quality and simplicity are other advantages often cited.

The lessons are downloadable in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

Three major topics are addressed:

1- Emphasis on the main principles of fire  and the different phases of development. 
2- Explanation of the thermal phenomena and their consequences.
3- Gives the basics of fire ventilation during firefighting according to three main techniques (offensive, defensive and combined ventilation).

This module introduces the basic principles of ventilation, the different ventilation methods and tactics to implement the different types of usable materials. Everything is made realistic with animations allowing the interaction between the learner and their screen.

Each part includes a self-assessment composed of questionnaires and practical exercises for a rapid validation of acquired knowledge.

Cours interactifs feuventilation incendie3By integrating ventilation (PPV) at the right time into the normal stages of the firefighting operation, it allows the effective removal of smoke during the fire or the effective removal of smoke after a fire.

The introduction of PPV undeniably increases safety and the effectiveness of firefighting by reducing heat and, by greatly increasing the visibility, it allows the quick extinction of a fire and decreases or stops its spread.

Without training, implementation may seem complex. Already adopted by many firefighters around the world, ventilation has become an inevitable element that is essential to control, optimizing its effectiveness on fire and increasing safety.

Ultimately, it is hugely important  to train staff in the implementation of this type of equipment to prevent injury and unnecessary property damage and increase the smooth running of operations.

To download the course, please go to the training section of our website at the following address: http://www.leader-group.eu/leader-training/interactive-courses-334.html