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MT240: More than 49,700 m³/h open air flow rate!

The MT 240 is LEADER’s latest addition to our range of Fire Fighting ventilation fans.

ventilateur incendie mt240 deplie Powerful, MT240 exceeds 49,700 m³/h (29,225 CFM) of PPV air movement in open air flow and about 34,460 m³/h (20,200 CFM) as tested in accordance with AMCA 240!

Compact, it is easily stored in any locker on a fire truck. Furthermore, it’s very easy to handle even in very adverse terrain thanks to its large wheels at the back.

Like the MT236, the MT240 is equipped with a new monobloc protective shroud to maximize the resilience and sturdiness of this part from shocks during use. It preserves all the performances of the Easy Pow’Air LEADER fans.



LEADER fans remain unequalled in their performance, thanks to the Easy Pow’Air Technology patented concept of concentration of the jet! This technology patented by LEADER is specific to LEADER fans and combines the following main advantages:
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- Very concentrated jet which uses all of the air flow generated
- Ambient air is entrained by the speed and shape of the air jet
- Optimum position at a distance of between 2 and 6 meters (3 and 20 feet) from the opening
- Quick and easy to position.

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