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LEADER won the tender launched by firefighters of Santiago de Chile!

nouvelle virole -  monobloc protective shroud -nueva proteccion monobloc 2Last April, LEADER won the tender launched by la JUNTA NACIONAL DE LOS BOMBEROS DE CHILE for the supply of:

- 80 petrol driven LEADER blower fans blowing up to 43 100 m³/h in open air,
- 30 electric LEADER blower fans ES220 blowing up to 24 750 m³/h in open air,
- 30 extractor / blower conversion kit V-Box allowing to ventilate or extract fumes in confined spaces.

LEADER blower fans, distributed throughout fire brigades in Chile, will equip vehicles of first interventions. They will be used:

     - For operations of positive pressure ventilation (PPV) :
          o Defensive ventilation,
          o Offensive ventilation,
          o Combined ventilation,

These 3 ventilation techniques consist of pressurizing a volume to evacuate the smoke by an outgoing previously created. Fresh air is supplied; the temperature decreases and the fumes are evacuated. The spread of fire is thus greatly reduced or even stopped.

      - For smoke extraction operations in confined spaces with extractor / blower conversion kit V-Box. This accessory allows transforming a blower fan into a powerful extractor or in ventilation tool of confined spaces. The ducts allow to channel and direct the air flow.