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LEADER in training on the site of Disaster City - TEEX, Texas-USA

Last April, LEADER took part in the "Disaster Technical Search Specialist" course on the training site of "Disaster City" in College Station - Texas (USA).

logo disatster city 150This training center of more than 21 hectares proposes diverse situations of disasters that rescuers meet one day or another.

This TEEX training course has for objective to train rescue specialists with the same method of work for all USAR teams of the United States so that they can intervene effectively together on the ground.

The courses are dispensed by instructors mainly from Texas TASK FORCES 1, recognized as the most expert intervention US&R team in the USA.


cours course teex 250x160Totally integrated within a group of 25 trainees, our marketing team in France and our Chinese sales manager participated in an intensive training week and courses in class room and practical exercises on the ground, in the following disciplines:
-   Mapping technics,
-   Victims’ detection technics,
-   Victims' Location technics.



For all the exercises, all existing LEADER equipment had been given to the trainees:

150 150 wireless audio resq

•  For victims' detection: wireless Audio ResQ

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  •  For victims' location: Visio Search

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Participate in such trainings with specialists and collect their opinions and comments in live was for our marketing team a unique experience to check performance and ergonomics of LEADER equipment and also allow to imagine the future innovations.