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LEADER Hasty : Wireless Life Detector & Search Camera

Simply SEE, SEARCH and SAVE with just one tool!

wireless life detector   search camera leader hastyDesigned for technical search specialists by technical search specialists, LEADER HASTY is the WORLD’S ONLY DUAL SEARCH SYSTEM: Wireless Life Detector & Search Camera

LEADER Hasty is the world’s first and only true Hasty search system that combines search camera, listening and victim communication devices into one unit!*

*Patent pending

LEADER Hasty combines:

- A search camera mode for a visual and precise location of victims with an ultra-lightweight camera probe.
- A listening seismic detection mode for use with up to two wireless sensors for detecting signs of life.

wireless life detector   search camera schemaLEADER Hasty allows the rescuer to detect, locate and communicate with the use of a single control box for maximum efficiency!

This innovative product has been especially designed to offer a lightweight, mobile and efficient method of performing a fast and reliable Hasty search by the rescuers for the location and detection of buried victims in collapsed structures, landslides, avalanches etc., following disasters.

search camera   wireless life detector schemaIt gives the greatest advantage in all phases of search. Its dual function makes it very useful on “Primary” and “Secondary Search” phases: a rescuer can now single-handedly, or with the help of search team members, accomplish a Hasty Search and/or a more detailed investigation of a catastrophe area with this unique multi-functional control box.

The ability to switch instantly between “visual search mode” and “wireless audible search mode” in one deployment vastly improves the effectiveness and mobility of the rescuer and greatly decreases the time taken to search for victims while increasing their chance of survival. Also, the microphone / speaker placed on the head of the camera also allows communication between rescuer and victims to evaluate the level of assistance required.

The use of this search and rescue equipment has been greatly simplified, offering modern, efficient and reliable support during search and rescue operations.

LEADER Hasty meets the operational requirements of the world's leading Search and Rescue Teams (INSARAG, TFT, SUSAR Teams, NGOs, etc)


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