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Feedback for G-Force

g-force nozzle branch lance in action 180x120Feedback for G-Force Multimatic 500

I tested the branch both in the open air and in hot fire exercises and found it very easy to operate.  It has got a good spray pattern with good size droplets even when the flow handle was not fully open and feels comfortable to hold.  I particularly like the tactile spray pattern ‘locator’ on the top of the nozzle which made cone selection easy in the dark whilst wearing gloves. 


For me the main advantage of this branch is that it is a ‘three in one’ model.  Flow rates can be adjusted easily without affecting the spray pattern or knocking off the branch due to the design of the flow rate selection ring.  The operator can select either 250 or 500 litres/min on the automatic setting, or the low setting to improve flow at low pressures.  This said, a single setting of 500lpm would make operation even simpler.  When used at low pressure from the pump there was a definite ‘feel’ of increase water flow, however I did not test this through a flow meter.  One of the best features of this branch, in my view, is the pulse mode which limits water-flow through the nozzle.  It enables the branch operator to pulse gasses/smoke as the team moves through the building with very minimal jet reaction compared to a standard automatic branch, improving technique and reducing user fatigue.  The operator can then select 500 lpm in order to hit the fire base with a higher flow rate, changing back to pulsing mode if required.


There may be some training requirement for new operators to ensure that the branch is being used correctly.  For example the pulsing mode did not work on low pressure which caused confusion for one operator, who was unfamiliar with the branch, during an exercise.


I have shown this branch to two operational crews in Kent FRS, a number of instructors from London Fire Brigade and various Fire Service College staff who all agree with my comments above.


This is a great branch which is easy to use and gives the operator options when dealing with differing fire conditions within buildings.


Matt Bright
Lead Instructor Fire Behaviour
Fire Service College
Moreton in Marsh

6th July 2011