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ATEX electric fan

The ESX230, the most powerful in its range!

Ventilateur ATEX - ATEX fan.jpgDesigned for explosive atmospheres, the ATEX-certified ESX230 fan is ideal for ventilating hazardous sites and confined spaces.

It achieves a powerful airflow of 30,000 m³/h in free air.

Built to be robust, it has a turbine made of resin and an aluminium hub, enabling it to better withstand shocks when in use.

Its 0 to +20° adjustable tilt enables it to ventilate regardless of the configuration of the space (such as a landing, staircase, etc.).

Equipped with a standard misting system, it can cool faster and more efficiently.
It can also be converted into a high expansion foam generator with the foam adapter option.

ATEX certification: II 2 GD II B T4 or T135°C according to LCI 12 ATEX 3043 X

- 30,000 m3/h on 50 Hz
- 36,000 m3/h on 60 Hz
Protection: IP65

For more information on the ATEX-certified ESX230 electric fan, click here