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AEROS 2, Ecological Fire Trainer with water tank

aeros 2Easily transportable and efficient, the AEROS 2 is ideal for the training in the handling of various fires extinguishing equipment (all fire extinguishers, nozzles, portable foam units, etc…). Indeed, run on propane gas and certified by Certigaz, it produces powerful fire with high flames and a high level of heat radiation, controlled flame height of 0,20m to 1,50m, creating an impressive oil slick effect.


The Fire Trainers AEROS 2 allows organizing training without pollution or any leftover residue (ash, combustible). Without using hydrocarbons, smoke-free and without polluting emanations, AEROS 2 is designed for use whilst ensuring the greatest respect of the health of users.

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Thanks to the safety remote control equipped with a fire resistant electric cable, AEROS 2 allows to work safely alongside the trainee throughout operations while staying in full control of the fire offering real security for the user.


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Furthermore, its elaborated design facilitates the use of the container and increase safety during training:

A maximum safety during use (no sharp edges)

Emptying facilitated by the rocking foot of the container,

Wide feet made to increase the contact surface of the ground to avoid the Aeros 2 from sinking.

To customize training and help the personnel become accustomed to every fire extinguishing situation, LEADER offers modules for all its Ecological Flame Generators (computer monitors, dustbin, fire, electric motor, etc.) capable of simulating specific situations like aerosol explosions or the reaction of water on contact with boiling oil.

The AEROS 2 is part of a wide range of Fire Trainers designed, manufactured, and distributed by LEADER:

PYROS: Ecological Flame Generator for a simulation of a powerful real fire with high radiation on oil slick effect 

GF42: Ecological Flame Generator without water and compact for easy transport and storage.


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