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Extra large blankets

LEADER Stop - Fire blanket

Fire blanket to extinguish incipient fire:

  • Allows rapid intervention to prevent total blaze and spreading of the fire
  • LEADER STOP Fire Blanket is a “large format” fire blanket designed to extinguish an incipient car fire. The purpose of the blanket is to stifle the fire by depriving it of oxygen.
  • It allows rapid intervention to prevent flashover and spreading of the fire to other vehicles pending the arrival of fire fighters.
  • Placed near at-risk zones with a high concentration of vehicles (car parks, car ferries, motorway toll plazas, etc.).
  • Easy handling and installation by two people.
  • Easy grip of the blanket, even with gloves.
  • No maintenance or cleaning required.

Additional equipment supplied:

  • An easily identifiable storage box or intervention bag
  • Explicit marking
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Pairs of gloves (x2) to protect users during installation

Suitable for other applications:

  • Extinguishing garbage metal container fires
  • Extinguishing motorcycle fires
  • Extinguishing industrial machinery fires...


  • Made of silicone glass fibre, the blanket withstands extreme temperatures, thus retaining its “oxygen deprivation” function
  • Unfolded dimensions: 48 m² or 6m x 8m
  • Weight : 26.5 kg (58.4 lbs)
  • Storage box dimensions: H 83 x W 33 x D 33 cm
  • Single use
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